The Designers

Marietta Haddad 

Marietta Haddad studied at the Elizabeth Bence School of Fashion and is a master couturier that is classically trained in the renowned world of French pattern making and couture. 

Marietta has over 30 years of experience in the realm of couture, and creating the most magnificent and embellished gowns, with the most exquisite fabrics and laces. Her respect and remarkable understanding of fabrics, laces and beading is manifested in the harmony of her creations. 

Evelyn Haddad

Evelyn Haddad attended and studied the art of Haute Couture, French pattern making, and couture creation at the French Fashion school, Esmod; The world’s first and oldest fashion design school with exclusive and patented methods - A history that dates back to 1841.

With the technical passion and training from Esmod, Evelyn has a unique and extraordinary distinct display of craftsmanship - Her attention to detail and passion for the finer details breathes life, magic and beauty into the couture gowns. 


The chemistry with a mother-and-daughter team is the ultimate alchemy in a luxury atelier to create couture gowns that are timeless and elegant masterpieces. 

The Craftsmanship

Marietta Haddad couture gowns are created using one of the oldest and finest traditional methods originating from France in 1841. The Esmod technique of pattern making and couture produces masterpieces of clothing that provides the most accurate fitting and style for one’s body shape.

With a technical foundation that is one of the best in the world, and used in the Haute couture design houses in France and Italy, Marietta Haddad teams the technical foundation with the most exquisite, unique and divine Fabrics and Laces sourced all around the world.

Marietta Haddad travels and sources Fabrics, Laces and Trimmings from France, Italy, Spain, Lebanon and Dubai. 

The Atelier has a specialised beading team whose list of clientele include Chanel and other major Haute Couture design houses in France, Italy, Lebanon and Dubai.